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personalized gifts for grandparents "Curtains"… Kinda customized gifts for mom

I have this window in my house that has been sitting naked for over a year, as I refuse to accept that I am never going to sew a curtain for it. I’;ve been planning and planning to create a DIY Roman Shade tutorial for you, but there really isn’;t a super simple way to do it. So the window has sat bare. I even have the fabric! Anyway. Scarlet just started pre-school and every day she comes home with another awesome new piece of artwork. I needed a place to display them allpersonalized gifts for grandparents, so this is what I came up with! It’;s just nails, string, and tiny wooden clothespins. After school everyday she picks a spot and we pile the artwork on. It’;s working pretty well at hiding my disgusting robe-clad self from the poor unsuspecting neighbors while I’;m making coffee in the morning, too.What do you think? Ghetto? Or cute?

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outdoor cushion covers

Everyone loves sewing for baby! We have rounded up some of our favorite easy to sew projects for baby, from blankets to dresses to toys. You can make the special little one in your life a handmade gift –?or three –?with this incredible heartfelt round-up.

I’ve been sewing for charity each year as part of a group of stitchers, and it gives us a great feeling to know that our hand-stitched items made with love will give comfort or help to someone in need, no matter where they live. As a group, we’ve donated to some well-established national organizations?providing handmade help to?people across the USA (Project Linus,?Project Night Night, and?the Alzheimer’s Art?Quilt Initiative just?to name a few).

With all of our modern toys and gadgets, it is easy to forget how simple things can put a smile on your little one’s face.? Even more amazing, is how something so simple can evolve into a popular toy.? For example, our lead designer, Rose, researched the origination of the cute little?Sock Monkey and look what she found …