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personalized gifts for grandparents How to Make a Curtain with Lace Inserts decorative pillow shams

From plain to chic in a jiffy, add sophistication to a simple curtain in very few steps. All you need is some fabric, lace strips and a ruler. A few straight seams later and voilà!


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Step 1)?Measure your window and determine how large you want your finished curtain to be.

Most curtain panels are 1-1/2 ?to 2 times the width of the window; this allows for a bit of fullness. Add 2″; to the desired final width to determine how wide your fabric needs to be.

Decide how long you want your curtain to be. Add 4-1/2″; to the length for a rod casing and another 4-1/2″; for a hem allowance.

Step 2) Measure the depth of the lace and adjust the length of the curtain panel.

For each lace strip you need enough to span across your curtain’s width plus 2″;.

To make room for the lace strips, first decide how many lace strips you want to add. Record how deep the lace is. For each strip of lacepersonalized gifts for grandparents, subtract 1-1/2″; from its depth. Subtract that number from the curtain’s length to make room for each lace strip. For example, my lace was 3″; deep, so for each lace strip I subtracted 1-1/2″; from the curtain fabric’s cutting length. (I used four strips: 4 x 1-1/2″; = 6″;; therefore I subtracted 6″; from the length of my curtain to make room for the lace.)

Step 3) Cut the fabric pieces.

For each fabric strip, cut a strip with a 3/4″;-wide allowance along each edge that will be adjoined to a lace strip. For example, if I wanted a 6″;-deep finished fabric strip with lace on each long edge, I would cut it to be 7-1/2″; deep. (6″; 3/4″; 3/4″; = 7-1/2″;)

Step 4) Finish the fabric edges.

Along each fabric edge that will be joined to a lace strip, turn under 1/4″; and press in place. Repeat to hide the raw edge.

Topstitch each folded fabric edge in place along the inside folded edge.

Repeat to finish the lace-adjoining edges of each fabric strip.

Step 5) Join the fabric and lace strips.

Place a lace strip over the right side of the curtain, overlapping the edges about 3/16″; (a scant 1/4″;).

Edgestitch the lace strip in place along the edges.

?Repeat to continue adding fabric and lace strips.

Step 6) Finish the curtain sides.

Turn under each long side of the curtain 1/2″; and press. Repeat to hide the raw edges, and then topstitch them in place.

Step 7) Make the rod casing.

Turn under the curtain top edge 1/2″; and press in place. Turn it under again 2″; and press. Topstitch along the casing’s bottom edge to secure. Do not sew the sides closed.

Step 8) Sew the hem.

Turn under the hem 1/2″; and press in place. Turn it under again, 4″; this time, and press in place. Topstitch along the hem’s top edge and sides to secure.

Hey everyone!? So, remember back to the post where we were voting on costume ideas and all of you voted on your top 11 costume ideas that you really wanted to learn to make??? Well, during the vote, it was looking like a mermaid costume was was going to be a top contender.? During the votes, I was contacted by Cassidy from the LITTLE IMAGINATIONS SHOP…….which is a darling handmade costume shop full of the most imaginative costumes, including the sweetest mermaid tails.? Cassidy offered to create a tutorial here with all of you, and share exactly how she makes her mermaid tails!? Ummmmm…….YES!!!? I had already started gathering supplies at this point but figured, hey, why not have 2 varieties to share with you guys.? Our versions are a little different, so this is perfect! :)

My crafty sister-in-law came by the house last week with a super-cool bat mobile that she had made from a Paper Source Kit. (they no longer have it on the site, maybe in stores? Maybe on sale?) Alas, the bat-mobile was for her bat-loving mom, not me, but what a cool idea! So here is my version of a bat mobile.

*if you are visiting from Sew Mama Sew, click on sewing on the labels on the side bar for more sewing ideas.**So am I a day late and a dollar short?? ?You know I have great intentions of getting photos of stuff taken then posted, then it doesn’t happen…oh— if I could only follow through with all of my intentions… but such is life.