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There’;s no secret when it comes to getting inspired, it’;s such a personal thing. When?we start designing something new, the seed of inspiration can come from lots of places –; a colour, a piece of furniture, something functional that we think is missing or could be improved. It’;s different each time. We’;re open to influence from lots of places, which makes the process much more fun and interesting.

We find inspiration from many places… shops, online, nature, magazines, media, fashionpersonalized gifts for grandparents, exhibitions, architecture etc… but being inspired by others is a natural part of the creative process, and that can be anything from a glimpse of something while you’;re walking the dog, or the broader influence of other designers you admire. Our major influences are Robin and Lucienne Day, who revolutionised British design to create iconic styles of the 50s and 60s. Lucienne’;s work is particularly influential on our work; her textiles and patterns were so forward-thinking for the time, and we just love the simplicity and use of colour.

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More broadly speaking, you should also spend time planning, whether that is thinking about the look you want to achieve, gathering samples, creating mood boards, and generally collecting ideas. Having these visuals to look back on during the process will help you stay on track.

It’;s great to have a goal in mind, but flexibility is important. You might be decorating a room in one go, or add to it over time, but it doesn’;t matter how much planning takes place, sometimes things just don’;t turn out the way you thought they would. Don’;t be afraid to change the plan if something isn’;t working.

Eventually that new decor excitement will wear off, and when this happens we like to add to it and refresh with new accessories.

Fashion is fine, but personal style is more important. You have to feel comfortable in your own home, and you shouldn’;t be afraid to express your individuality. It’s also worth remembering that style isn’;t fixed, it naturally evolves over time. Even if you’;re treating a room to a big revamp, we usually find that the new ideas and new style direction have been organically developing over a longer period.

If you want a distinct look that will last, Good Design is always distinct and has longevity. One of the best examples is good mid-century design, which still looks modern and contemporary today.

We love to mix and match, but when you’re bringing a look together, follow your instincts. We love mid-century design, Scandinavian design and nature, and all of these things come into play when we’;re selecting colours, textures, patterns and items. They all have a common ground so they sit well together, however, it still allows for an eclectic combination, which gives a unique and individual look. It’;s all about the blend.

There are some areas worth investing a little more money, and others where it’;s okay to save a few pounds. It’s nice to splash out on the items you use the most, like a nice sofa, and a comfy bed is essential for a good night’;s sleep so it’;s not somewhere you want to scrimp. Then you can be thrifty with mix and match cushions, throws and ornaments to finish the look.

You can still give your room a new look on a small budget. Create a feature wall using a roll or two of wallpaper, hang new curtains, or refresh your accessories by adding new patterns and pops of colour. They’;ll all make a difference to your room, without having too much of an impact on your purse.

Dipping your toe into the latest home trend can be a fun way to refresh your look. House plants and cacti are big this year, and it’s lovely to see them back in fashion; they make a big difference in the home by bringing the outside in.

You’;ll always have a wish list. Even though we’;re in the interior design industry, we haven’;t got our homes 100% finished, we’;re always looking for new pieces to add to our decor. We’;re on the lookout for a large woven sea-grass basket for a palm plant, and a pair of vintage mid-century lampshades for the hallway. When it comes to vintage, trying to find a matching pair makes it more challenging!

In decorating as in everything else, you’;ll have the most success if you create something you love. We’;re lucky enough to mix business with pleasure, so we’;re twice as excited to see our new range of fabrics. They’;re so versatile and can be made into all sorts of products to create a signature look that reflects our style, and hopefully yours too.

We finally decided to bite the bullet and install a DIY closet system in our master bedroom and I am SO EXCITED. We have never had what you would call a “nice” closet. The prior homes we lived in were built in the 1910’s or 1920’s and had tiny closets. Our current master bedroom has a nice-sized walk-in closet. It’s not gigantic to most people, but compared to what we are used to, it is!

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