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Hi Everyone!

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As many of you know, I am on a roll when it comes to re-purposing Rebecca’;s outgrown clothes. So I wanted to share a clever trick with you. My 4 month old is a big drooler. She loves to smile and as a result, drools all over her shirt. So rather than keep washing her good bibs over and over, which I need for milk spurts, I discovered yet another good use for an outgrown pyjama top or t-shirt!

Now mind youpersonalized gifts for grandparents, this started out as a beautiful 0-3 months full pyjama with feetsies. Rebecca wore it like crazy until it started to pill. Then, when she got a bit taller, I cut off the feetsies, so they were still pajamas that she wore for a while. Later, summer hit, so then the long sleeves and long pants were too much for out warm Sicilian summers. I then cut off the top half and made some summer capri house pants for her using elastic at the waist…;which, till this day, at 4 1\2 months, she still wears very comfortably.

Now, returning to the top half, I was basically just left with sleeves…;.the bodice was way to short to be used as a top, as you can see. So I cut off the sleeves under the armpits and…;voila…;.a drool bib that snaps on and off =) When is gets wet, I can just take it off and her shirt stays dry! Since the neckline goes down into snaps, I can put in on and take it off with ease. All in all, I’;m happy and Rebecca stays least for another 10 minutes! =P

Happy re-purposing!

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