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At Naturepedic, we don’;t have a political agenda –; or any other agenda for that matter, other than our obvious concerns about our health and environment –; but, like all Americansgifts for grandma, we do want to support the our local and national economy. We also don’;t want any surprises with our materials –; we want to know exactly what we’;re getting, and we’;d like the people we’;re getting it from to be around the corner, more or less.

At Naturepedic we use the finest materials and Amish workmanship, while supporting U.S. jobs and industry.

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Squidoo has a made in U.S.A. products section in which they tell an interesting true story:

“;Once a high school teacher gave his students a weekend project. Students were to go to a mall and make lists of all of the items they could find that were made in the USA. Fun homework for teens, right? Well, guess what? They failed miserably because this task was nearly impossible! They were shocked! Try it yourself next time you are in a mall …; or in ANY store. Finding a tag that says ‘;made in the USA’; on any product might be way harder than you think. Try it!”;

When you buy Naturepedic crib mattress, you’;re helping your child, your family and the environment –; but you’;re also giving the U.S. economy a boost!

There are many elements which contribute to the French Country style home, but undoubtedly the main ingredient is a large helping of rustic charm. French Country style with its warm and casual feel, fits snugly into absolutely any home, and due to its jaunty almost thrown together feel, it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

The weekend is upon us and unless we are lucky, it could be turning a little cold (well it is September after all!) With this in mind and the knowledge that the colder half of the year is heading straight for us, we thought we would get you in the mood with some warm and cosy decorating ideas.

Last year I shared this DIY Cake Plate Tutorial with my friend Amy and her readers over on The Idea Room. Spending last week with Amy, I was reminded of this post and that I haven’t shared it with my readers yet. I had been wanting to make one of these DIY Cake Plates forever! Turns out it’s SUPER SIMPLE! Fun projects like this make Entertaining Made Simple.