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Curtains have been used to dress windows for centuries. From the humble cloth which was dampened and used to cover window openings to reduce the heat in hot climates to the thick full length curtains which were used not as window dressing but around four poster beds to keep out the draughts and cold night air in Victorian Britain.

Today most houses have double glazing which has reduced the amount of heat loss significantly, however, studies carried out into the heat loss show that despite double glazing the vast majority of heat loss in a room is via the windows.

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With the majority of people in the UK being affected in some way by the continuing recessiongifts for grandma, looking at cost effective ways to save on fuel bills is high on many people's cost saving agendas. The government have also provide money to those who do not have theirs lofts insulated to the correct depth, along with other initiatives such as grants for cavity wall insulation.

The return of four poster styles beds which have curtains are amongst the latest interior design trends which can be either practical or aesthetic. Many of this years bedroom designs include the use of fabrics to decorate modern bedsteads, this is purely for the visual effect as the is insufficient fabric to actually pull around the bed to create an enclosed place.

This style of modern bedroom designs is easy to replicate on a budget, with a little inspiration and ingenuity it is possible to add a four poster style to existing bed frames. Curtain poles in either wood or metal are the ideal resource as they are cost effective, as well as being available in a wide selection of styles and colours.

For a totally coordinated look using the same curtain poles to hang the curtains offers a professional and cohesive look to the bedroom. Bearing this in mind whatever style of interior you have you will be able to find curtain poles in traditional or contemporary styles to match the theme of your home.

For a quick and easy coordinated look ready made curtains can be used and held in place with beautiful tassel or beaded tie-backs. Opt for the same ready made curtains at the windows which compliment your duvet sets and you have an instantaneous transformation which is both practical, affordable and will enable you to turn your central heating down a degree or two help reduce your fuel bills – a win, win situation all round!

With halloween coming, crafty people like myself must be upto no good...

Using organic and natural materials remain on-trend this year and with the economy threatening to drop into a triple-dip recession many of us with be using innovative ways to decorate or homes without having to dig too deeply into our pockets. You can give your living room some love by introducing calming colours, these don't have to be bland and boring especially if you include lots of tactile and textured fabrics and materials into the mix.

In this project, I will be showing you guys how to make a homemade, hand sewn, Christmas gift pillow!!!! It is a really easy project to do and a really nice gift to give to someone special!! Let get crafting!