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Happy St. Patrick’;s Day! We have a super easy and adorable tutorial for you today. After making our Martenitsa tassels we got on a kick and tried out tassel magnets. I’;m happy to say they were a great success. You can use them for your fridge, or to give as a hostess gift for a party. Change them up by making them with different colored yarn too. We chose to make ours out of baker’;s twine since they were going to be used in Jaime’;s kitchen.

Find out how to make DIY Tassel Magnets after the jump…;

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Materials:Baker’;s twine1/4 inch disk magnets2×;4 inch piece of card stock

Fold your piece of card stock in half and begin wrapping your baker’;s twine around.

Continue wrapping it around about 20 times.

Thread a small piece of baker’;s twine through the bundle at the opening of the fold.

Tie it in a knot to secure it.

Remove the card stock.

Wrap a piece of baker’;s twine about a 1/2 inch down from the top and secure with a knot.

Cut the bottom to turn it into a tassel.

Hot glue a magnet onto the back. Let it dry and then it’;s ready to use.

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gifts for grandma