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Another DIY adventure. Not all DW (destination wedding) brides have programs. Ceremonies tend to be shorter, you have already spent a couple days with everyone, and there does not seem to be much of a purpose really. But early in the planning, I saw and loved petal program fans, and decided to make my own DIY Fan Wedding Programs. Yes, they do include a run-down of the small bridal party, and an order of events (which I guessed atgifts for grandma, considering we will not be meeting with the pastor at the resort to discuss the ceremony until we arrive), but it also includes a couple quotations, including an excerpt from the passage my sister will (hopefully!) be reading at the ceremony (1 Corinthians 13), a “;thank you”;, and an “;In Memory”; note of my grandfather, who passed away last summer. (I will also be using a picture from my grandparents wedding as a bouquet charm –; my final DIY actually!. They were married 66 years before he passed away, and their 67th anniversary would have been 2 days after we say our I Do's. If that is not a successful marriage, I am not sure what is.)


retro cushion covers

I love mementos like programs, so if nothing else, I thought it would be something that I could keep for myself. It will also give the few of our guests not in our immediate families (and therefore not walking down the aisle at a specific time) something to look at while they wait (hopefully not long!) And if I could get it to serve double duty by helping keep off some of that July Dominican heat, all the better!

I printed these off my home printer, on the same cardstock I used for our message-in-a-bottle invitations. I actually could have used a thicker cardstock, I am thinking. Maybe I will glue a backing to them still. But probably not.

Anyway, I simple designed them in Word, printed them, cut them, whole punched the bottom, and tied a ribbon through the punch to keep the petals together. The pictures show the coral looking more orange than it does in real life, I promise!

Again, using that same blue ribbon from the dollar store!

Just 6 petals. You could also put in blank ones to give it some more colour.

I love them! Of course, I will also have programs for our Alberta reception, but that is a different story.

What about you? Are you having programs for your wedding? Or do you think they are one more cost, somewhat an unnecessary one?

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Hi there! This is a tutorial for medium advanced sewers (you should be able to use the basic functions of a sewing machine) to make what I like to call “The Forget-me-not Phone Wallet.” As you can see in the pictures, the wallet is predominantly a phone case at the front, but it also unfolds to make a wallet. I don’t know about you, but I personally forget everything I could possibly need when I leave the house because I have everything scattered in different pockets. The only thing that I always have with me is my phone. To solve this problem, I decided to make a phone case that I can also carry other essentials in, for example: keys, money, public transport tickets, and credit cards.This phone case has really helped me to organise my life, and I hope that it helps some of you :)

Today I will show you how to make 3 Different Style Pillowcases