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DIY Two-Tiered Jewelry Stand from Repurposed Dishes

I am so excited to share this latest DIY project with you! I was at a garage sale recently, and they had these beautiful plates that I just had to have. Don’t ask me why…I have plenty of plates already, but these were so pretty that I just knew I could do something with them.

So, I did what I do and I looked around for a project using those plates. I found this gorgeous jewelry holder. And note that these are plastic dishes! You can do this with decorative plastic dishes or glass…your choice!

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So technicallypersonalized gifts for grandparents, this is a project that I made with one plate and a matching bowl…and a cheap candlestick that I had in my junk closet. If you are buying the supplies to make this, I suggest you visit the Dollar Tree or your local thrift store.

Goodwill has dishes for about a dollar each and you can find some really beautiful pieces there.

So, I’m sure I have mentioned how much I love jewelry. Honestly, I think I have more jewelry than I have clothing, and I wanted to make something that would hold my most worn pieces…you know, those rings and bracelets that you wear nearly every day.

This is perfect! You can keep rings and earrings on the top and bracelets on the bottom and it will hold tons of smaller items.

You can see in the pictures that my plate and bowl aren’t huge. It’s more like a saucer and matching bowl, but you could absolutely use a standard sized dinner plate if you wanted something bigger on the bottom.

You could also use a smaller version of that plate on top if you don’t have a bowl or if you just want to mix it up a bit.

As jewelry organizers go, this 2-tiered jewelry stand is one of the easiest that you will ever make.

This is perfect for keeping your rings, earrings and other go-to jewelry pieces organized and it makes a wonderful gift for any jewelry lover that you know.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to turn plates into a fabulous jewelry holder. Just a couple of old plates and some basic craft supplies are all you need to create this gorgeous jewelry stand.

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Because I love jewelry so much…and because I virtually own my own jewelry store with all that I have…I have shown you some amazing jewelry organizers over the years…and some DIY jewelry, too!

I’ve shown you how to turn a picture frame into a DIY decorative jewelry hanger to keep necklaces organized, and how to make a tiered jewelry holder from pots and trays.

I’ve also got a great tutorial that shows you how to make a jewelry box from a duct tape roll. Now, we’re going to add this gorgeous tiered jewelry organizer to the list!

What’s Your Favorite DIY Jewelry Organizer?

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