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Best DIY Projects Recipes 2014

2014 is coming to a close and I am so eager to welcome 2015. When we share our insane living arrangement, diy projects and recipes, I never know how they will be perceived. Many times I will share things as they happen and realize later that it resonated with so many of you. I don't really think of that when I am sharing stuff. I just kind of go with what is going on in our lives and many timesgifts for grandma, it seems to be happening with lots of you as well!

Here are our top 10 projects and recipes based on page views for 2014.

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Keep reading' mom freaked out when I told her what was #1 and #2 most viewed ;).

#10 How to Live with Your Parents

#9 Master Bathroom Makeover

#8 Best Pantry Food Storage Containers

#7 Kitchen Pantry Makeover

#6 CrockPot Lasagna

#5 Best Refrigerator Storage Containers

#4 Front Door Fall Decorating

#3 Refrigerator Organization

#2 My mom's Shepherd's Pie

#1 My mom's Chicken &; Dumplings

My momma was the rockstar of 2014. We added the 'our kitchen' page early in 2014?and it proved to be a hit. As you can see, many of you love the food we eat! ha. It's been a pleasure sharing our life, DIY home projects and recipes with all of you this year. I am excited to start 2015. We have some very interesting and almost unbelievable things going on behind the scenes with regard to this little o'l blog that started as?a means to keep friends and family updated on what life was like living with my parents and grandparents a little over 3 years ago. Stay tuned, with a little luck and some hard work, 2015 should be interesting ;).

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