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15 Minute Black Metal Bar Cart Setup

Do you love bar carts? They can be used for so many things! Today I am sharing a 15 minute black metal bar cart setup. The cart is from Homegoods and was only $49. It’;s so versatile and I think it will be great for mums and pumpkins this Fall. Often times, bar carts can be a hodge podge of items and by adding a few key pieces, you can keep your cart organized and pretty.

I used a variety of trays and baskets to corral food items.

accent pillow case baby burlap living room deco

You will noticed that I added 2 plants to the bar cart and the purpose of that was to add a “;living feature.”; You can also use fresh flowers too. These happen to be faux plants but they look real!

This is a great setup for when you are having a small group and you want everything in one place. For a couple extra bucks, you an buy fancy chips and crackers and they tend to add a little extra touch to the cart.

The banana chipspersonalized gifts for grandparents, tortilla chips and gluten free crackers were purchased from the gourmet section of Homegoods. They have everything you need all in one place!

The addition of a cute chalk board is perfect for a welcome message or a cute saying.

It doesn’;t matter if your patio is large or small, there is always room for a bar cart.

This cart would also be amazing as a potting cart too! Imagine it filled with mums, pumpkins and baskets full of apples? How cool would that be to add a carafe of hot apple cider for your kids next play date! Super cute and functional. I think I just planned my next project this week. -ha.

You can see I wrote, “;Welcome Spring!”; This was a cart I designed months ago and completely forgot to share it with you. Life has been so busy this summer with our “;new”; well not so new anymore, house. The landscaping and pool sucked up every second of my life and I am finally getting back on track.

One of the best things you can do when setting up an entertaining station (big or small) is to coral food items and drinks in baskets or trays. This wooden tray was $12 and is perfect for holding the liquor and mixers.

Also try to remember to mix textures. What do I mean by that? The bar cart is metal so I mixed a wooden tray (a different texture), melamine bowl (for banana chips) and a basket (different texture)for the bagged chips.

Before I go, thank you for the sweet emails and comments on my healthy living posts. It’;s a completely different topic for me and it’;s honestly, kind of weird to write about my body. -ha. I didn’;t have a lot of weight to lose but the stubborn 10 lbs that I have carried for 12 years has weighed on my mind 24/7 and the biggest gift, has been the regaining of my energy. I cannot even tell you how awesome it is to have my mom fog brain gone, be motivated and excited to get up and start my day. You can read the journey by checking out my new health page.

The 15 minute black metal bar cart setup will be switched this week to a Fall bar cart full of mums and pumpkins. I talked myself into that project sharing the idea with you ?? .

Would you believe me if I told you that I have never made squash soup? For some reason, I just never made it. My friend gave me her easy butternut squash soup recipe and I couldn't believe how simple it was. Something about winter makes me want to cook stews, soups, crockpot meals and bake. My mom is the same way. Here's to a fun weekend and why not make a huge pot full of squash soup? You only need a few ingredients and if you are like me, you will buy the already cut up pieces of butternut squash.

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